5 SEO errors that damage your site in 2019..

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The process that can be correct today cannot be suitable for you next month. The five problems you will discuss today may be wrong.

For nearly 7 years, at work on internet marketing, I have seen many sites committed and made these mistakes. You do not have to be an SEO expert to avoid. Just type this to remind you.

Let’s start, five SEO errors that damage your site.

1. Do not pay attention to LSB keywords

LSI, an English-language form of a latent meaning index, is to use the same keyword with a keyword so that the search engine can understand what the page is.

If you do not know the SEO community in 2010-2012, you can hear the story.

Google was not always smart, at that time the artificial intelligence of the search engine was very poor.

In 2010, if someone wants to arrange the word “cat food”, he will write “cat food” a thousand times on the page. Think of Google as relevant and relevant. There have been many scams in Internet marketers who changed their texts by typing their keywords hundreds of times to change the color of the text so that readers do not have trouble reading it, but Google liked and labeled it.

Although time has changed. Google is now smarter than ever, with the help of a powerful algorithm called “Rank Brain”, Google Rank Rank is now ranked.

One of the many classification criteria is that there is enough LSI.

2. Internal Linking

Yes, off-site SEO is a very complex task. Nobody wants to link you, and you can not easily use Backlinks most of the time.

But, can you give me a link? Is not it?

It is called internal linking and it is a very essential part of SEO. There are two main advantages of interconnection.

In general, the structure of the site is strong. The link is easily passed juice from one page to another. There are many other advantages, such as you can move traffic from page to page, increase your site’s strength, and so on.

3. Buying low-quality links from forums and markets

I see a lot of people making this mistake every time. They buy low-quality links from many places, including Fiverr, Warrior Forum and Black Hat World.

For this work, both present and future are not detrimental to their site. Most sites can survive for these reasons.

4. Duplicate content

Duplicate content problems are for some reason, you can not understand how often to do.

One of the common reasons why some versions of your site are duplicate content –

There may be some versions of your site, such as –

If your site has more than one version and if it is not redirected to a primary URL, you’ll need to address the issues. From Google’s point of view, each content will be displayed in a separate URL.

Duplicate content will be considered.

5. Mobile Friendly Website

This is a common mistake of SEO that we have almost completed. When Google first announced its first indexing mobile phone, webmasters were too scared.

This is normal! Because not all mobile phone sites were mobile-friendly. The problem now is that your website may not be compatible on your mobile phone, even if you think your site is easy to use.

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