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What is SEO?

SEO means search engine optimization. Most people in the current world search Google to find information about their needs. Google then showed results from multiple sites on its search results page. Which can be the name of the Web site first, perhaps the first two pages that first appearance is that it is SEO. How to use SEO to view the site first to view your search. When your website first searches, the number of visitors to your site increases. If the visitor grows then income increases. Suppose you are looking for a training center, you can do a graphics course. Then you can write Google training on graphics in Bangladesh. The research will then be the first name of our Creative IT Institute. You can see that someone has entered our official website if you prefer to get information from here, go here for the course. This is the excellence of SEO.

Search Engine Key:

If we get information about one of our requirements, we can search the Internet. Then there is all the information about the world around the world, we have all advanced. These sources are known as search engines. Some of the most popular search engines are Google, Yahoo, Yahoo, and Bing.

In these locations, if you click the Search button by entering the word search box, links to many sites within a few seconds, links will be available if the link is available.

How Search Engines Work:

To touch people information, search engines were created. This is why some search engines have created some programs so that the best information is available to some search engines. Which compares websites to the best sites in front of the site. To determine the best site, they see whether the website is quality, whether the site information is appropriate for everyone, and how popular the site is. These offers give results with some other topics.

Why is the search engine marketing area very important:

The website is designed to promote the company’s products. The more people visit your website, the more people get ideas about your product or service. The search engine is the main source of the visitor on the site of the wave. 80% of visitors come to the website through search engines. This will increase further in the future. Search engines are very important for various reasons.

Most visitors come to any site from the search engine. Look for billions of billions a month. A survey in the United States found that at least 10 billion searches per month. (Sawa: Com 2.200))

C) Many people do not know where to get the necessary information. For this, they are searching by writing this topic in the search engine. Then comes the list of sites needed for them.

D) Everyone uses it for free, so any information can be found.

E) All search engines have a huge collection of information. That’s why it is growing day by day, depending on it every day.
F) Because everyone loves search engines to search for information, so all companies want to abandon their traditional way of promoting their products and continue to search the search engine for their company’s website first.

H) In the present era, all traditional methods of marketing are expensive and less practical. On the other hand, SEO costs are lower, but at least 60 per cent of work is done more than before.

SEO Career:

Most people earn through outsourcing in Bangladesh making money through SEO. Because Bangladesh has less skilled manpower. In general, those who have simple ideas about computers, who are highly skilled in English, feel comfortable visiting websites,and can be very easy to work with SEO. Millions of people participate in this work worldwide because there is no programming language necessary to understand this process so that it can be easily recognized and started working faster.

1) While visiting different markets (,, etc.), search engines work better.

2) If you can bring it to your blog site by optimizing search engines on the first Google site, then you can increase the number of visitors and then earn better with adsense or similar ads. Appa usually earn $ 100 to $ 1000 per month.

3) The main condition for affiliate earning is to get a large number of targeted visitors to your website and get a visitor, do SEO. Outsourcing can usually be in the month 300-2000 dollars.

4) If you can bring your website to Google through SEO, a large number of website visitors can earn up to 30,000 to 5 million visitors per month using different website ads. In this type of tectonics, no type of adsense is used. Here is the local full advertising income.

5) The most important aspect of learning SEO is that SEO courses are an income tax field. For example, forums such as forums, blogs, social media marketing, or search engine optimization.

6) SEO can be done 2-3 hours a day only. This is why it is possible to gain with learning other functions.
How to learn SEO?
If you have a good understanding of reading and learning English, you can use Google to learn a lot of SEO from a good quality blog. If you like Net Speed, you can search for videos from YouTube. There are many SEO guides in Bengali as well.

Many people lose their patience while learning from the Internet For those who are not used to learning, they can spend between 8000 to 15,000 rupees by accepting them in training and learning centers for the whole thing from the expert. In our country, many well-trained training centers have already been established in this country.

What do you know

SEO is of two types. Seo Seo and Seo Seo You should know all these things well. What you should learn before you start SEO: search for keywords, various HTML tags, improve content, post a forum, comment blog, marketing via social media, guide submission, guest writing, journalism course and more.

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